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Delivering Net Zero targets through environmentally conscious wound care
MAY 17th 1pm-2pm

Sponsored By | Coloplast


Webinar Overview

The NHS is committed to tackling climate change by continuing to reduce emissions to net zero by 2040 with an 80% reduction ambition by 2032

The annual prevalence of wounds has also increased by 71% between in the 5 years to 2017/2018

Attendance at the webinar will help in understanding the Government’s Net Zero Strategy and its implementation and impact on Health Care Professionals, clinical procurement teams and suppliers. 

The webinar will also introduce some practical initiatives and programmes in wound care to reduce the overall number of dressings used and the resultant CO2 and packaging reductions’

  • Understanding the Government’s Net Zero Strategy

  • Its impact on Health Care Professionals and Clinical Procurement teams

  • Sharing practical initiatives in wound care



Professor Matthew Cripps

Director, Behaviour Change Team, NHS England and NHS Improvement

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Paddy Markey

Marketing Manager Wound Care, Coloplast

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Sian Fumarola

Head of Clinical Procurement, Integrated Supplies and Procurement Department

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