Identifying health inequalities: CVDPREVENT a national primary care audit webinar​​​​​​
February 1pm-2pm

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Webinar Overview

CVDPREVENT will provide a foundation for professionally-led quality improvement in individual GP practices across Primary Care Networks (PCNs). It will support primary care in understanding how many patients with CVD and/or the high-risk conditions are potentially undiagnosed, or under or over treated. The audit will provide data to highlight gaps, identify inequalities, and opportunities for improvement.


In this webinar, you will hear from expert speakers and panellists on the ambitions and objectives of CVDPREVENT. The discussion will feature analysis and opinion on how health inequalities in cardiovascular disease can be improved in the context of an evolving and changing healthcare system.  


This event has been sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo UK. All content to be delivered during the course of this webinar has been reviewed to ensure adherence to the requirements within the ABPI Code of Practice. Job Code CVD/21/0276-January2022

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Dr Yassir Javaid

Clinical Advisor for Cardiology, Royal College of GPs

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Dr Pete Green

Clinical Lead CVD Prevent & Chair, Heart UK

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Vishal Mashru -edit.jpg

Vishal Mashru

Head of Medicines & Research, Cross Counties & North Blaby PCN

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Dr Ravi Pawa

Country Medical Director, Daiichi Sankyo

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