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NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series

Managing Renal Patients during COVID-19 and beyond

TBC 2021

13:00 - GMT

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NHS England & Improvement

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A new comprehensive report shows that people hospitalized with COVID-19 are at significant risk of AKI, which can lead to serious illness, dialysis, and even death. The study found patients with COVID-19, who were hospitalized between March 11 and April 26, were twice as likely to develop AKI as compared to non-COVID patients who developed AKI during the same time period in 2019 – 56.9% versus 25.1% respectively. AKI appears to be a marker of COVID-19 infection severity and the mortality rate is higher for these patients.

Various COVID-19-related effects that are thought to contribute to AKI include kidney tubular injury (acute tubular necrosis) with septic shock, microinflammation, increased blood clotting, and probable direct infection of the kidney. Most patients with COVID-19-related AKI who recover continue to have low kidney function after discharge from the hospital.


The webinar seeks to empower professionals in the Medical profession and businesses to take an active part in advancing Kidney Dialysis Tratment, through research, treatment and the use of new technologies.

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