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NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series

A New Standard for Wound Care
Managing the burden of wounds by focusing on prevention
28 Oct 2021
13:00 - 14:00 GMT

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Jacqui Fletcher OBE

Senior Clinical Advisor Stop the Pressure Programme / National Wound Care Strategy

NHS England & Improvement

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Dr Una Adderley

National Wound Care Strategy Programme Director

AHSN Network

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Professor Julian Guest


Catalyst Consultants

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The NHS spends £8.3 billion a year treating chronic wounds on an estimated 3.8 million people, according to the recently updated study evaluating the “Burden of Wounds” to the NHS.  Costs have increased by 48% in the five years since the study was first published and the overwhelming majority of this burgeoning demand, around 80% of the caseload, impacts on community healthcare.


Pressure ulcers are the most commonly reported patient harm in the UK with 1,700 to 2,00 patients per month developing a pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers cause significant patient harm including pain, distress and isolation and are known to increase hospital length of stay.

This session will focusses on managing the burden of wounds by focusing on prevention, and how technology and digitisation will enable a prevention focus.


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