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NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series

A New Standard for Wound Care

Digital strategies for relieving the burden of wounds

17 March 2021

13:00 - 14:00 GMT

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Margaret Kitching MBE

Chief Nurse (North)

NHS England & Improvement

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Dr Una Adderley

National Wound Care Strategy Programme Director

AHSN Network

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Professor Julian Guest


Catalyst Consultants

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Laura Browne - Govconnect.jpg

Laura Browne

Operational Lead Tissue Viability'

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

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Jenni MacDonald

Lead nurse tissue viability

NHS Lothian

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The NHS spends £8.3 billion a year treating chronic wounds on an estimated 3.8 million people, according to the recently updated study evaluating the “Burden of Wounds” to the NHS.  Costs have increased by 48% in the five years since the study was first published and the overwhelming majority of this burgeoning demand, around 80% of the caseload, impacts on community healthcare.

This webinar will explore the “Burden of Wounds” with study author Julian Guest and consider how digital wound management solutions can relieve pressure and improve outcomes. We’ll see case studies from community nurses, hear the patient and staff view through #tvn2gether and the National Wound Care Strategy team will share their long term vision.

Chaired by Margaret Kitching MBE, Chief Nurse for NHS England and NHS Improvement’s North East and Yorkshire Region, this conversation brings together leading voices within wound care to discuss new strategies for 2021 and beyond.

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