Mental Health Webinar Series

Mental Health & the Healthcare Workforce

"It’s okay not to be okay" 

17 June 2020

13:00 - 14:00 - GMT

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Dr Phil Moore

Chair - Mental Health Commissioners Network
NHS Clinical Commissioners

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Dr David Smart

Clinical Director

General Practice Alliance (GPA)

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Dave Smithson

Operations Director

Anxiety UK

The UK’s leading user-led anxiety charity

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Suzy Dion


Smart Wellbeing LLP

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COVID19 is, and has been, the most challenging period for our nation, especially for the NHS. People working in the NHS have been at the forefront of this, and many have had to change or adapt their role at very short notice.


This free webinar, chaired by Dr Phil Moore will be led by Dr David Smart, a practising GP with over thirty years’ experience, and Dave Smithson, Operations Director of Anxiety UK. It will feature interviews from NHS colleagues from the frontline on how COVID19 has affected them, their coping strategies, their worries for the future and positive learning that can be taken from this crisis.  This will give a real-time perspective on how stressful and exhausting this time has been.  

As we leave the main COVID19 peak and move into the next phase that is being called ‘the new norm’. This webinar will talk through and explain that it is okay to have feelings of anxiety, a feeling of lack of control, a sense of worry for the future.  The session will give individuals the practical advice on their own wellbeing and their team’s wellbeing as we move into this ‘new norm’.  It will support individuals on self-compassion and how to reach out if they need to within their own organisations and to highlight other outside support that is available.  For leaders, it will give an insight into how staff are feeling, what support would be useful going forward and how that support could be enabled.

The clear message from this webinar is ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ after this challenging period and to reach out for support if required.


This meeting is organised and funded by Lundbeck Ltd

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