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NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series

Resetting the NHS

Reframing Services for the Future    

24 September 2020

13:00 - 14:00 GMT




Imelda Redmond CBE

National Director
Healthwatch England


Jacquie White

Director - National System Transformation Group
NHS England & Improvement


Kevin Fletcher

Chief Operating Officer

Intouch with Health 


Mike Sanders

Chief Executive Officer

Intouch with Health 

As the NHS recovers from the first wave of the Covid-19 crisis, many organisations and health systems are not seeking to return to their pre-Covid ways of working. Instead, they are using the ‘reset and recovery’ phase as an opportunity to transform and enhance patient care whilst locking-in efficiencies and operational improvements. This transformation is seen as essential by many as the NHS prepares for ‘Winter Pressures’, builds resilience for any future Covid waves and, importantly, manages the backlog of elective procedures.

The pace and extent of disruptive transformation driven by the Covid crisis would have been unimaginable at the turn of the year. Since the pandemic erupted, organisations and networks across the NHS have implemented, almost overnight, many transformation initiatives that have been in planning stages for months or years. It has also necessitated a radical redesign of many ways of working. These changes have led to a fundamental rethink of both the speed and level of change that is possible.  Despite all of these pressures it is recognised that the speed and level of change must be implemented in a managed and phased way.


This webinar will highlight:

·      The challenges the NHS faces

·      How solutions to those challenges have been designed – by listening to what the NHS needs

·      How the NHS has successfully implemented the solutions (hearing success stories from the NHS itself)

·      The importance of embedding transformation and new ways of working for the future


This webinar is applicable to a wide range of NHS personnel, including Clinicians, Operational Staff and Patient Groups

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