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NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series

The NHS recovery
How digital technology is helping to battle the growing waiting list backlog 
21 October 2021
10:30 - 11:30 BST




Sir James Mackey

Elective Recovery Adviser

NHS England & Improvement

Lisa Hollins photo.png

Lisa Hollins

Director of Innovation Delivery



Dr Harpreet Sood

Global Digital Health and AI Advisor & Board Member

Health Education England


Mr Sunil Bhudia

Co-Lead Cardiac Surgery

Royal Brompton & Harefield hospitals


Viki Jenkins


Betsi Quthing International Health Partnership

NHS waiting lists have hit record levels across the UK as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the numbers are continuing to rise, with some experts warning 14 million people could be waiting for treatment by the end of 2022. Many hospital groups have turned to digital technology to increase clinical capacity, help safely manage patients and detect deteriorating patients, but are these short term saviours or long-term solutions?

New NHS funding has been created to support innovation and the introduction of digital tools, so we have brought together an expert panel to share evidence-based examples of how digital technology is supporting the NHS waiting list challenge and helping to shape the future of healthcare and discuss:

  • What impact has remote patient monitoring already made for patients and clinicians dealing with waiting list backlogs?

  • How can experiences in surgical waiting lists and COVID-19 care guide other clinical pathways?

  • How does this offer a way to increase engagement with patients and improve outcomes?

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