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Improving Patient Safety & Care Webinar Series

COVID-19 & Urgent Care 

Helping patients more quickly access the correct form of clinical care

4 Feb 2021

13:00 - 14:00 GMT

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Dr Cliff Mann

National clinical director for urgent and emergency care

NHS England & Improvement

Lisa Hollins photo.png

Lisa Hollins

Director of Innovation Delivery


Clare Wade

Patient Safety Specialist North West Ambulance Service


Keith Nurcombe

Managing Director NHS



Chief Medical Officer


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a rapidly increasing demand for urgent care provision, this is resulting in critical care units experiencing an extraordinary surge in the number of patients requiring treatment, especially ventilation. This has been placing great demand on treatments, ventilation, bed capacity, etc.  As the number of critically ill patients increases, critical care units UK wide have been working hard in stabilising large numbers of acutely unwell patients.

By tackling the virus, critical care units and emergency medicine are going through a challenging rapid learning curve and a huge volume of changes in practice meaning that clinical staff are having to adapt to continuous variations. Intensivists and anaesthetists are required to treat Covid-19 patients with an evolving number of medical complications.

This Webinar will address issues related to the urgent care response to covid-19. It will also explore into the requirements for building a surge capacity, digital responses to the pandemic and the clinical and operational future of urgent care.

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