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NHS Long Term Plan Webinar Series

Setting Up And Running Virtual Clinics  

TBC May 2020

13:00 - GMT

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NHS England & Improvement

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This webinar will focus on setting up and running virtual clinics as proposed by the 2019 Long Term Plan.


Virtual clinics are increasingly being used in healthcare to reduce outpatient appointments, reduce DNA rates, save money and ensure the patients that do need to be seen face to face by a consultant have enough dedicated time.

Following the recent out break of COVID-19 the NHS are exploring alternatives to patients visiting hospitals – including telephone appointments and virtual clinics.

This webinar will enable you to:

  • Learn from established practice in setting up Virtual Clinics

  • Understand the practicalities of setting up and running Virtual Clinics

  • Learn from NHS Trusts that are developing trust wide virtual clinics programmes, and moving to a virtual hospital approach

  • Reflect on national standards for Virtual Clinics

  • Develop your skills in the use of virtualization technology: from Skype to specialist systems

  • Understand risk issues and which patients are suitable for Virtual Consultations

  • Ensure delivery of effective governance and security

  • Understand how the patient journey, and thinking around the patient journey needs to change

  • Identify key strategies for commissioning and negotiating tariffs

  • Update your knowledge on legal issues and developments

  • Self assess, reflect and expand your skills in improving patients experience through virtual consultations

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