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Working with the NHS to improve patient flow using virtual wards supported by in-person care’
February 11am-12pm

In order to support the NHS Priorities set out for 2022/2023 in delivering significantly more elective care to tackle the elective backlog and to reduce long waits, we take a look at the developing approaches to patient care using collaborations with providers delivering treatments in the home in order to support patient flow.

This webinar will explore:

  • How teams have innovated to provide hospital-at-home during the Covid-19 crisis and what’s needed to maintain the momentum of change?

  • What is the future direction for hospital-at-home, post-pandemic, and what will accelerate or prevent adoption at scale?

  • Evaluation and evidence required to support the case for change.




Jill Ireland

Chief Executive and Clinical Director, HomeLink Healthcare

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Jon green.png

Jon Green

Consultant and Former NHS CEO

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Dr Andrew Barlow

Director of medicine, West Hertfordshire hospitals NHS trust

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Tim Straughan

Director of NHS @home NHS England & Improvement

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