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Mental Health Webinar Series

Every Mind Matters

Workplace Mental Health & Well-being 

6 November 2020

13:00 - 14:00 GMT

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Stef Abrar

Mental Health & Workplace Lead

Public Health England

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Dr Sonya Wallbank

Director of HR & OD

Department of Health and Social Care

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Prof Neil Greenberg


Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) Special Interest Group in Occupational Psychiatry

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Jan Montgomery

Clinical Supervision Manager

Able Futures

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced individuals, teams and organisations to adapt to the challenges brought by new ways of working. Employees may be working remotely in isolation, teams may be expected to deliver similar levels of productivity, and organisations are having to adapt rapidly.


Since new lockdown measures are announced and time on furlough comes to an end with employees expecting to return to work, uncertainty about how our working lives will evolve continues. The prospect of returning to work carries with it a need to weigh up the potential safety risks to ourselves and family, with the need to earn money, restart the economy or provide service to others.  With no time to prepare most employees for these new circumstances and challenges, the need to address mental well-being at work during Covid-19 is considerable.

Aims of the webinar:

·    Assessing changes in adult mental health before and during lockdown

·    Understanding the potential long-term effects of the pandemic on mental health

·    Overview of the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service

·    How can we support our mental health at work in an unknown future with COVID-19?

·    Recognising indicators that colleagues maybe struggling with their mental health

·    Return to work – managing anxiety, stress and concerns

This webinar will review the key factors in workplace well-being, and examine these through the lens of Covid-19 and new ways for working. We will discuss the emerging needs of workforces, both psychosocial and practical, before addressing strategies and approaches to support staff during these challenging times.

The session will also include an overview of the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service delivered by Able Futures. It will looks at the service’s aims, eligibility criteria and referral process, plus what support and workplace adjustments are available at home, in an office, or other place of work.

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